Week1A: My Template

When selecting the template and theme for my blog, I wanted to keep in mind my overall branding and the messaging my visuals should send. I decided on the white, Emporio theme for a sleek and clean layout. While I like a clean aesthetic that isn't too busy, I still wanted my blog to be unique and not top basic, so I customized the fonts and colors in the "advanced" tab.

I used the Oswald font for my titles and headers which is bold and modern, and the Georgia font for the content and posts which is a very easy to read font that still sticks with my modern and clean branding. I used two pops of color in various locations on the vlog- a pale pink for titles, and a deep teal blue for links and bar icons.


  1. Hi Sierra,

    I like the fonts that you chose for your blog. I think it's really cool that you differentiated the fonts based on what the context is.

  2. Hey Sierra,
    Very clean blog and nice title font. Don't ask me why but for some reason your blog style reminds me of a clean hair salon haha.

  3. I really love how your blog looks like and it's seems so clean. It's so easy to read what you posted on your blog. I can't wait to read more of what you have to say.


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