Week 5A: Target Markets

Although Armstrong Garden Centers and Myrtle Creek Gardens seem to be similar on the surface, there messaging and approach differs greatly. Myrtle Creek Gardens focuses on the experience of going to their garden center. On their website's front page, Myrtle Creek Gardens describes their beautiful barn and serene butterfly garden, their farm fresh cafe overlooking the oak trees; and the overall website design and aesthetic matches that rustic, home grown feel. Armstrong Garden Centers has a much more clean cut, to the point message and website design. They have an extensive list of products which you can shop in store, or online; They have services and design resources. Armstrong Garden Centers is giving you the no frills, one stop shop for gardening. They use alot of green and white colors with easy to read fonts, and the overall web design focuses on the products and services available, with less about the story and the experience.
Based on this information gathered from their web design and messaging, I assume that the Myrtle Creek Gardens target demographic would skew older and more female, let's say 40-60. Perhaps women who's children are grown, and enjoy gardening as a hobby. Once a month, they take a trip to Myrtle Creek Gardens to enjoy their afternoon, eat in the cafe, explore the grounds, and leave with the supplies they needed as well. In terms of psycographics, they're looking for people who want an experience, who value local businesses and a unique vintage aesthetic. While Armstrong Garden Centers customer's are looking to get in and out with exactly what they need to work on their home garden, without any fuss or frills. I would assume their targeting primarily men, ages 30-50. The average, working father, who on the weekends likes to work on home improvement; Who believes in efficiency, productivity, and quality. There definitely would be crossover between the customers of these two businesses, as their both selling garden supplies, however I believe the customers would choose each based on their needs for that project and the experience they're looking for. In addition, both websites feature different calls to action. Armstrong is heavily encouraging customers to sign up for their landscaping and design services, while Myrtle features their "sign up for our newsletter" widget on each page of the website.