Week 5B: My Business & Target Market

When defining the target market for my business, I decided to start with the broad, obvious demographic information and then hone in on more specific psychographics and belief systems my target market holds.

My business is a women's fashion brand. We create fashion and body positivity content on Youtube and Instagram, in addition to selling clothing and merchandise. We focus on uplifting women through fashion, and creating flattering basics that empower women of all sizes to be confident and rock their curves.

My target market is women, aged 18-25, living in the United States. Our customers believe in encouraging and supporting other women, instead of competing against one another. They are mid size girls, most of the customers being between a US size 6-14. They support body positivity and loving your body, and strive for health and happiness over diet culture. Our target customers are in the middle class, either in college working towards a degree, or making a moderate income in the workforce. They have moved out from their parents house, living either with a roommate or partner. While there are some mothers in our demographic, our target customer is in a relationship, but not yet a parent.