Week 7: Engaging Your Customers

The following are pages I "liked" from my Facebook Business Page:


Aerie is a brand who's core values very much align with my brand. I've partnered with their sister store, American Eagle, on a campaign and would love to collaborate with Aerie on a campaign as well. Having them listed as a "featured" like is a good way to publicly show my enthusiasm for the brand and begin forging a connection.

Good American

My target market has quite a bit of crossover with Good American, I would estimate that a large amount of my potential customers are also fans of Good American.


ThirdLove is a brand I've worked with before and would love to continue a relationship with. Having ThirdLove listed as a "featured" like is a great way to showcase my continuing support for the brand in a public way.


My audience very much lines up with that of Glamour Magazine, and I've been working on getting more PR through editorial content, so this could be a great working relationship in the future.

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is another publication that may be interesting in covering the content I produce.


Elle lines right up with Teen Vogue and Glamour for some hopeful PR through editorial features.

"Ladylike" by Buzzfeed

Ladylike produces content that my viewers may be interested in, and I might generate more buzz for my own page by sharing their content.