Week 8 Part 1: Get Visual

The primary visual social media accounts I'm currently utilizing are on Instagram and Youtube. I have previously invested time and resources into Pinterest, but discovered the conversion rate and engagement wasn't high enough to warrant what I was putting into it. I made the decision that my time was better spent focusing on Instagram and Youtube, and those two platforms have been very successful for me.




I have two Youtube Channels, my main channel, "Sierra Schultzzie," has 711,000 subscribers and 55 million views. My second vlog style channel "Sierra and Stephen IRL" has 62,000 subscribers and 5.8 million views.

On my main channel, I post highly produced fashion videos ranging from 15-25 minutes in length twice a week. This channel is the crux of my business and really what started my social media career. My main channel is my most successful outlet and where I typically try to drive all my traffic. Most of the tags on my videos are based on the title and concept of that specific video, but on each upload I always include my channel name in the tags with a few spelling variations.

My vlog channel has a smaller following and is just becoming profitable. It's more of a passion project for me, and a way to have a closer connection with my audience members who want to see a closer look at my life. I post anywhere from 1-4 times per week depending on my schedule. It's much less structured than my main channel. Most of the tags I use are based on the specific video, however I always include a few general tags about couples, married life, husband and wife, ect. Since this channel is based of me and my husband's personal life, these tags typically help match our videos with viewers interested in that style of content.



On Instagram my account "Sierra Schultzzie" corresponds with my Youtube audience, and I share fashion photos. I have 77,000 followers and averages 10,000 likes per photo. I aim to post once a day on my feed, with a minimum of every other day, and have at least 3 story frames at all times. Ideally I would do Instagram live streams once a week but I haven't been consistent with this aspect. I do not use IG TV as I believe there is not enough value with it and it will soon fail. I follow around 60 other Influencers in my vertical, and around 20 brands who I have either worked with before, or would like to work with. I use a tool called display purposes to generate relevant hashtags for the photo, and typically use hashtags about fashion, body positivity, and style. Recently my Instagram account has been growing very quickly and is becoming a successful aspect of my business.