Week 10 Part 2

On my blog, I would utilize three main categories to stay organized and reach my target audience. First, I would do weekly blog posts on "outfit inspiration" and where to buy the clothing items featured, which would live in it's own tab/category on my blog. I would feature items carried in our own online shop to drive direct sales, as well as items linked through affiliate programs to gain income from the sales. These outfit inspiration posts would help reach our target audience, of women aged 20-30 who are interested in fashion. I would also feature a personal section of the blog to help organize the non-sales oriented posts, and create a stronger customer connection. And lastly, I would feature a "videos" tab on the blog to help promote and organize the videos on the blog's accompanying Youtube channel.

Blogs I Commented On:
Jason Bush
Francesca Haman
Tracey Walz