Week 11 Part 1

My business could benefit with a monthly newsletter, focusing on generating sales, building relationships, and driving traffic to my other social media platforms.

Sales Generating

In my monthly newsletter, I would promote my clothing line "The Curvy Crew." The newsletter would feature an exclusive 10% coupon code for readers, as well as information on new products that we're launching. We would also feature a "style section," showing how we styled the items from The Curvy Crew in trendy outfits appropriate for the season. The coupon code would provide an insentive for readers to act now and purchase our merchandise, and the style section would bring added value in giving my audience the outfit inspiration they look to me for, this creating a successful email marketing campaign within the newsletter.

Building Relationships

The newsletter would feature an insight into the behind the scenes of creating my YouTube videos, include a sneak peek of the yet-to-be-released videos that I've been working on. Readers would feel a deeper connection to me and my brand by getting a more up close and personal look of what is coming up on my channel.

Driving Traffic

YouTube is my largest platform, and I would utilize my newsletter as a way to convert Youtube viewers to followers on my other platforms and channels. I can assume that most of my newsletter readers would come from YouTube, and by using the newsletter to feature upcoming projects that will be on my Instagram, Twitter and second Youtube channel, it would inform my viewers of the other content they're missing out on them, thus causing them to follow my other profiles as well.