Week 12 Part 2

For my business, I looked into streaming a podcast and utilizing groups on LinkedIn.


I will stream the podcast in video form on YouTube, as well as the audio form on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It will not be a livestream, but a more highly produced conversational video. I created a one sheet featuring information about myself, the co-host, and example episode topics that I will be sending out to brands to try and secure sponsors so this can be an additional revenue source for my business. I also need about $900 of equipment (2 microphones and 2 headsets). We already have a set in studio that will work for the podcast's launch, and a Zoom H4N microphone to record audio. I also need to find a podcast editor, so I will talk to my current video editor about taking on additional work. Once the equipment is in place and we've gauged interest from sponsors, my co-host and I will record a sample episode to send to sponsors and potential guests so they get a feel for how the show will work. Then, we can get to work on recording and releasing real episodes! I'm hoping to be launched by the end of June.

LinkedIn Groups

After looking into LinkedIn groups, I discovered 3 groups that could be beneficial to my business and joined them all. The groups are: Social Media Business Marketing (740,000 members), YouTube creators and advertisers (2,500 members), and Social Media Innovation Network (11,000 members). Each of these groups is applicable to my field, and will hopefully help keep me in the loop with the latest in the ever changing landscape that is social media.


  1. Hi, I really love how you wrote a paragraph about podcast and linkedin. It is interesting to get more insight in someone's perspective for these two things.


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