Week 14

An ad objective is the goal your business has for running an advertisement, and what they hope to achieve with it. Ad objectives can be anything like driving traffic, app downloads, sales, or brand awareness.

Ad #1: Instagram

On Instagram, I created this brand awareness advertisement for my clothing line, The Curvy Crew. I'm targeting english speaking women ages 18-28, who live in the United States (focusing on the areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York). I also highlighted 3 areas of interest: fashion, shopping, and body positivity. This campaign is highly targeted to women who would be my ideal potential customers, and includes a striking visual as well as important top line information on the brand to spread awareness.

Ad #2: Twitter

For my Twitter ad campaign, I'm focusing on the objective of driving traffic to my website and converting sales. I focused on the demographic of women, 18-24, english speaking and in the United States.

Ad #3: Facebook

For my Facebook Ad, my objective is to traffic to my website. I was able to save and use the same target audience as I did for my Instagram ad. I used the "carousel of images" template so I could show the different products we offer.